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360 deg Radial Swage Tooling

DMC Power

The focal point of DMC Power’s unique connection technology is centered around our patented, 360° Radial Swage Tool. Over half a century of aerospace connector expertise has been transformed for use in the power industry. Using that expertise and the highest quality metals and precision-engineered flex dies; DMC Power’s Swage Tool creates a true 360° Swage.

Proven performance in even the most undesirable of conditions: snowstorms in Alaska, swirling winds in the Northeast and rugged conditions of the remote Australian Outback, are no match for DMC Power’s all-weather connections. Our unique system allows for fast, safe and reliable installations through heavy rain, white-out snow, freezing sleet and swirling winds.

With DMC Power’s Swage Tool and connectors, you can schedule your installations without having to concern yourself with the availability of a welder or having agreeable weather.

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