Interphase Spacers 15 kV to 400 kV

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Interphase Spacers 15 kV to 400 kV

K-Line Insulators Limited

With environmental exposure to ice and/or wind, Overhead Transmission and Distribution Lines are susceptible to conductor motion that may result in outages or interruptions on the electrical system due to conductor contact, flashovers, or plant damage. InterPhase Spacers (IPS) were developed to minimize the probability of these occurrences by maintaining conductor separation.

K-LINE INSULATORS LIMITED (KLI) InterPhase Spacers consist of silicone rubber sheds and sheath injection molded over a fiberglass rod and may be coupled with silicone rubber covered rods to increase length. Although lightweight and flexible, InterPhase Spacers are designed to meet the torsional, bending and compression loads of the application. There are a variety of end fittings options available depending on the conductor clamping requirements with or without armour rod. KLI InterPhase Spacers meet the requirements of IEC 61109, ANSI C29.13, ANSI C29.12, CSA C411.5 and CSA C411.4.

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